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JP-Man K9 Training Any Dog - Any Problem - Any Location

We all need a little help with our dog training sometimes, whether we're just starting out with a new pup or an older family pet. Whether you are new to dog training or we've been at it for a long time your personal dog trainer can help you meet your pet goals.

If you want absolute 100% control of your dog and situations your dog is in, then train with JPMANK9, your personal dog trainer.

We have the facilities to run group classes which allows us to train all types of dogs including puppy training, socialisation, behavioral problems and much much more. 

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Jean PierreMeet our trainer

Jean Pierre, commonly known as JP, is a highly experienced, professional dog trainer, to all levels, and is the founder of JP-MANK9 Training Service. He has many years of experience in competitive dog sports and presently competes with his Malinois, Vonlucianhan Armageddon, (aka 'Junior'), at BH , IPO1, UKTDA Level 2, CDEx, UDex WDex, TD op and mondioring.

JP competed at the BSPCA Service Dog of the Year 2015 with the following results: Working Dog of the Year: 3rd, Manwork (Neil Yates Trophy): 2nd, Obedience (Presidents Cup): 3rd, Agility (Zak & Scruff Cup): 1st. He also acheived 4th place mondioring championship in Spain 2017 and 9th place FMBB World Championship in Germany 2017. JP has also competed in and has done Helper work for several national level competitions.

When not helping clients to enjoy easier lives with their canine companions, JP competes in various UK dog sports with his own dogs. JP is also one of the most successful breeders of working malinois in the UK.


JP has a lifelong passion and long career working with dogs. A dedicated and caring professional, he prides himself on his approach with owners as much as with the dogs themselves. No matter what the problem Jean Pierre aims to help the owner find the right approach and skills to train it.

JP has extensive experience working with most breeds and is adept at assessing the partnership of dog and handler; for much of his career he was a soldier in the British Army and recently retired. JP competed at the highest levels in competitions and continues to compete in civilian competitions at a national and international level.

He now uses his wealth of experience and skills to provide specialist 1 to 1 assessment and training which is tailored to the individual needs of the team of dog and handler. JP offers a range of services including behavioural assessment, obedience, tracking, agility, scent discrimination, rehabilitation and managing aggression problems.



Why Choose JP-MANK9

When choosing a dog trainer, you need to know that they are professional and have the right experience in their field.

JP has 20 years training and competition experience, including Competing and winning several trials at national and international level, including Schutzhund Dog Sport (tracking, obedience and protection) working trials, mondioring and service dog competitions.

At JP-MANK9 we are offering training to people on how to correct undesirable behaviour in their pets and working dog.

Here at JP-MANK9, as your personal dog trainer, our goal is to give you the best ongoing advice so you can continue to train and control your dogs.
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Jean Pierre has many years experience in breeding and training dogs.

All Ages

At JP-MANK9 we train dogs ranging from pups to adulthood.

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We are that confident that we can help you with your dog that we offer a money back guarantee.

Our ServicesServices that we provide

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We provide dog training solutions for problems encountered by owners throughout the South West. We have the knowledge and experience to use the right training methods to train your dog the way you require. We understand all dogs are different but experience will overcome any problems you may have.

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Not everybody can cope with a class environment to start with. You may need that little bit of extra help which we can give on a one to one training basis. This gives more time one to one, which means more time getting things done.  More time to perfect the dogs behaviour. I will spend the entire time booked with you .

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Do not worry if you have been told that your dog cannot be helped, most behaviors are sorted by our experienced trainers very quickly and effectively. Recall, Chewing, jumping up, pulling on the lead, biting your hand, barking, Generally bad behaviour once sorted you and your dog will feel so much happier.

Some of What We Teach

* Toilet Training
* Come when called first time
* Sit, first time
* Lie down
* Stay and relax in one place
* Accept being groomed/handled
* Walking on a loose lead (inside/outside)
* Crate training
* Wait patiently at doorways
* Introducing voice commands & hand signals
* Pay attention to you, even with other dogs close by.

and covering impotant topics such as Puppy Training / Puppy Socialisation, Dogs and the law, Children and dogs, Preventing jumping up at visitors, Setting house rules and boundaries. The effect of diet on behaviour, Choosing the right food for your dog, play biting and grabbing at clothes, Over excitability Tricks & how to play with your puppy.
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One to One Dog Training

one to one and this is far more effective as you have my personal attention. Training can be at my training location in wisbech or at your home location.

All breeds of dogs are welcome. We deal with real issues, any dog, any time! My training system is based on positive reinforcement which includes food, toys and praise and negative reinforcement or correction.

Please contact us for more details of these courses.

Call us on 07787 882251

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ONE TO ONE TRAINING resulting in a balanced dog that is well behaved and can listen to is owner any time anywhere!

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Residential Dog Training

Residential dog training is effective because your dog gets to to spend every day with me to get the needed training.

your dog will stay with me at home and be trained during the day. You will be provided with regular updates via pics and clips of your dogs progress. The more time the dogs spends with me the more time to perfect your dream dogs behaviour.

Please contact us for more details of these courses.

Call us on 07787 882251

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RESIDENTIAL COURSES If you would like to have your dog under full control in real world environments and distractions, train with JPmank9.

GallerySome of Our Training Photos

PricesPrices are based on locations within 25 miles of wisbech . Additional charges may apply for travel.

Group sessions Approx. 7 hours From £25 per dog Covering obedience, tracking, protection and preparing for competition.

Individual Training

In Your Home
From £95.00
Per 1-2-1 lesson, from approx. 2 hours Any dog, any problem, any location Single lessons (1-2-1) at your home.
Puppy Training
From £50.00
approx. 2 hours Puppy Training from 8 weeks to 6 months Starting from 8 weeks old. SINGLE lessons (1-2-1) at your home. Individual Attention.
At Our Centre
From £80.00
approx. 2 hours Any dog, any problem, any location Single lessons (1-2-1) at our center in norfolk
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dog training widnes
dog training widnes